Go back to your own countries: Operation Dudula warns skilled African foreigners

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A group of Operation Dudula members in Tshwane gathered outside the Rosslyn police station, where they were expected to submit a memorandum against illegal foreigners who are enjoying employment in South Africa.

“It is pathetic to see the youth of today doing nothing but when you go to firms and RDP [Reconstruction and Development Programme houses], they are owned by foreigners. How so?” said Operation Dudula member Sipho Mokone.

He said their issue was with undocumented immigrants, not people who were legally in the country and contributing to the economy.

“We don’t have issues with foreigners. We are saying to them: go back to your respective countries, come back to SA with well-documented papers so we can acknowledge you.”

Soshanguve resident Thabo Mooketsi said people in SA without proper documentation should return to fix problems in their home countries.

“South Africa is not a sponsor for other countries, it is not a charity for other countries. Solve your problems politically in your country. Take care of your own people. If you have skills, go and improve your own economy. We will do that here,” he said.

“We don’t support xenophobia. We are negotiating with our black brothers and sisters peacefully to go back to your own country.”

Tshwane metro police spokesperson senior superintendent Isaac Mahamba, confirmed the march has been approved as it met the requirements of the security cluster.

“Tshwane metro police officers will be deployed to monitor the march and affected streets,” he said, cautioning motorists to avoid the area.

There is a visible police presence in the area.

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