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970x250px – home page and jobs page top banner: $30 for 30 Days.
– Advert appears at the top of the web site’s 2 most popular pages, the home page and the job’s listings page.

300X250px – job details top right: $25 for 30 Days.
– Advert appears on the upper right section of the job details page, just above the employer’s logo.

600X200px – job details above description: $20 for 30 days.
– Advert appears just above the job description section of every job.

336X280px – job details below description: $15 for 30 days.
– Advert appears just below the job description section of every job.

728X90px – job listings page between job ads: $10 for 30 days.
– Advert appears just below the first job ad and/or after every 5 job ads.

160X600px – job listings page left sidebar: $10 for 30 days. (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
– Advert appears below the job filters on the left sidebar of the job listings page.



  1. All advertising material must be legal, decent, honest and truthful in accordance with Zimbabwe’s laws.
  2. reserves the right to refuse to accept any material for publication or distribution without giving any reason.
  3. We accept ads in .jpg or .jpeg or .gif or .png formats only. Each banner should be less than 150Kb in size.
  4. While team will make necessary efforts to check if everything is fine, however, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to check for any errors and ensure that the material submitted to for advertising purposes is correct. The material includes visuals (image banners or videos), email(s), phone number(s) as well as URL(s).
  5. The website has more than 5 different advertising slots that show banners of varying sizes. Each slot can have up to 5 different banners that appear on a random basis. What it means is, assuming that each customer places just a single banner on slot X, we can accept up to 5 different customers per any given moment for the slot X before we start considering that particular slot as ‘fully booked’.
  6. All sales are final and there are NO REFUNDS! While we will try our level best to keep our website up and running daily and throughout the month, however, in the event that, for any reason, due to circumstances beyond our control, or otherwise, your advert cannot appear on the website, please be advised that we will not be able to issue a refund. However, in some circumstances, and AT OUR OWN DESCRETION, we will publish your Ad(s) again for days that compensate the period in which your Ad(s) could not run.
  7. The customer will indemnify the website owners and/or staff against any legal action resulting from the publication of an advert placed by the customer.
  8. While we accept nearly all methods of Payment, including Paypal, International Money transfers as well as FCA Bank transfer, however, for payments in RTGS / Zipit / Ecocash, kindly contact us first.
  9. An advertiser’s placement of an advertisement order constitutes an agreement to comply with the above conditions, as well as any conditions specified in our website’s Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy statements.

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