Nhlanhla Lux praised as celebrities back up Operation Dudula: All illegal foreigners must go!

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South Africa has been very vocal following the arrest of Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Dlamini on Thursday, 24 March.

While members of the movement – which aims at rooting out undocumented foreign nationals who trooped into various parts of the country in search of jobs in South Africa – are calling for their leader’s release, celebrities Bonnie Mbuli and David Kau have also shown their support to the 35-year-old charter pilot.


The controversial leader’s arrest came after a case was opened against him on Wednesday, 23 March.

According to a report by TimesLIVE, Operation Dudula deputy chairperson Dan Radebe said Dlamini was arrested shortly after he came out of the Kaya FM studios in Parktown, where he had an interview with Sizwe Dhlomo.

It is believed the case against Dlamini and some members of the operation had been opened by Soweto resident Victor Ramerafe, whose home in Dobsonville was allegedly ransacked by Operation Dudula members on Sunday. The group claimed to be acting on tip-offs from the community that drugs were being sold from Ramerafe’s home. However, it was reported that during the raid, no drugs were found, but Ramerafe said his property was damaged.


Businesswoman and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli has publicly stated that she is one of those who want Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini released.

“Nah, I’m crowning Mr Lux “the people’s soap”, he has no business being that intelligent and fine, also free him! Amandla and so on.”

– Bonnie Mbuli
Upon engagement from her followers on Twitter, the Invictus actress went on to question the South African law where crime and illegal foreign nationals is concerned, also slamming politicians.

“Are SA’ns going to get down to the semantics of what it means to be a foreigner VS an illegal immigrant? Politicians must stop manipulating this narrative for personal gain? Is there a country in the world where SA’ns can be illegal, make money & do crime & get away with it?” she asked.

As more and more Twitter users supported and questioned her stance, Bonnie clarified why she feels so strongly about Operation Dudula.

“I’m saying the reason I’m so passionate about the lux dude’s message is that my whole life in SA I’ve felt like i can’t lay claim to this country, we had to fight boers 4 it, fight apartheid 4 it, fight the ANC 4 it, fight amaChina for it, when does this land become ours? nah bruh!”


Meanwhile, comedian and producer David Kau also took to his Twitter on the day of Nhlanhla Lux’s arrest to show support. Reacting to a video of him speaking on his arrest, Kau said: “Much needed leadership skills.” He has also been retweeting content in support of Lux.

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