Vacancy Details

  • Career Level Qualified / Experienced
  • Experience 2 Years
  • What we do Other professional services
  • Qualifications Practical experience only

Job Description

An opportunity for Virtual Assistants has arisen within our company. Go Formal Innolutions Africa, whose Head Office is in Harare, Zimbabwe, is seeking applications from experienced and highly motivated professionals to join our team as virtual assistants. We are hiring for the following role:

Paralegal Officer

This is a virtual position. We are seeking to hire a paralegal to join our team of legal researchers. You will be supporting our practice by preparing documents like affidavits and legal correspondence, as well as organizing and maintaining files. You will also be asked to file pleadings with court clerks and help prepare for trials by organizing exhibits and assisting with other tasks as required.

To be successful in this role, you will need to be proficient with Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel. You will also need to be able to multitask effectively and essentially thrive in a busy, team-oriented environment.

Paralegal Officer Responsibilities:

  • Preparing affidavits, legal correspondence and other documents for attorneys.
  • Organizing and maintaining documents in a paper or electronic filing system.
  • Meeting with clients, attorneys, and other professionals to talk about case details.
  • Filing pleadings with court clerk.
  • Helping prepare for trial by organizing exhibits and assisting with other tasks as needed.
  • Preparing briefs, wills, contracts, real estate closing statements, pleadings, appeals, and other legal documents.
  • Investigating facts and laws of cases and searching public records and other resources to prepare cases and determine causes of action.
  • Directing and coordinating law office activity, including delivery of subpoenas.
  • Gathering and analyzing statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, documents and other data.
  • Calling on witnesses to testify at hearings.
  • Keeping law library up-to-date by monitoring legal volumes.


  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience in a similar position.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Availability to work beyond working hours in your time zone.

Application Procedure:

  • Interested applicants should submit their CVs and cover letters by 1 May 2023.

Screening Process:

  • We will screen all CVs for unique aspects by 4 May 2023, and then invite shortlisted personnel for a two-day training and onboarding session.

Skills Role Matching:

  • After the training and onboarding session, we will take a week to two weeks to do our skills role matching, where we will place our successful candidates to work with our clients, providing specialist admin support.

At Go Formal Innolutions Africa, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that values diversity and encourages professional growth. Join our team today and take your career to the next level!

Sorry, Applications have been closed.

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