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About me

As a highly skilled Chemical & Process System Engineer, I possess proficiency in chemical process control software such as SCADA and ChemCAD, as well as a strong understanding of process control and instrumentation. My experience with process safety management and hazard analysis techniques, combined with my familiarity with industry standards and regulations, enables me to ensure safe and efficient operations. My strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communication abilities, and teamwork mindset make me an asset to any project.



  • 2021 - Present
    Sino Zimbabwe Cement Company

    Central Control Room Operator: Kiln furnace

    Optimizes equipment utilization in cooperation with the process and Area teams.
    Works with the Area Leaders to oversee the development of equipment checklists/inspections, production training, and standard operating procedures.
    Sends daily shift notes to keep management informed on production rates, downtimes, and any other incidences that may have occurred during the shift.
    Successfully manages plant upgrade projects as part of the project management team, providing accurate status updates and metrics to the Senior Project Manager.
    Assists the Project Manager in successfully completing kiln projects from scope to completion, with involvement in all phases of the kiln project life cycle.
    Leds the kiln and coal mill maintenance team to ensure optimal run time, quality, and quantity of production.
    Monitors quality continuously and makes necessary adjustments to systems, resulting in improved production efficiency and equipment reliability.
    Supervises Plant Inspectors (Artisans) in running the plant, maintaining equipment, and attending to breakdowns during shifts or plant stoppages, resulting in improved coordination of activities.
    Supports coaching and development through training and communication to develop personnel into full functioning team members.

  • 2019 - 2021
    Sino Zimbabwe Cement Company

    Production Trainee

    Effect start-up and shutdown according to the interlock procedure using SCADA (Cement mill, raw mill, kiln and coal mill section control).
    Demonstrated proficiency in using SCADA systems for process control, resulting in efficient start-up and shutdown procedures for the Cement mill, raw mill, kiln, and coal mill section control.
    Consistently followed standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the execution of all tasks in the plant, resulting in improved efficiency and safety.
    Effectively coordinated maintenance activities and demonstrated strong problem-solving skills in directing breakdown activities, resulting in reduced downtime and improved equipment reliability.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Banc ABC,

    Junior Risk Analyst

    Enforced compliance by the Treasury department and conducted Deal Quality Checks to ensure adherence to regulations and standards.
    Conducted periodic reviews of Procedures, data capturing systems, and other operating practices to analyze Operational Risks and improve risk management processes.
    Partnered with key business leaders to identify and execute cross-functional goals within the business, resulting in improved collaboration and achievement of business objectives.
    Monitored Treasury risks in areas such as interest rate, market risk, liquidity risk, currency, and price risk to ensure effective risk management.
    Ability to partner with key business leaders to achieve cross-functional goals.
    Conducted performance tracking for the Bank’s system upgrade project, resulting in improved project management and successful completion.

  • 2018 - 2018
    Multi Manufactures

    Laboratory Assistant

    Successfully investigated and set standards for quality and health and safety, resulting in improved compliance and reduced risk.
    Determined training needs and conducted field trainings to improve employee skills and knowledge.
    Prepared clear and concise directions for factory workers, including the proper ingredients, temperatures, and mixing times for each step in the production process, resulting in improved efficiency and product quality.
    Conducted hygiene monitoring audits to ensure adherence to health and safety standards.
    Monitored the quality of products to ensure consistent high standards.

  • 2016 - 2016
    Zimbabwe National Water Authority

    Quality Assurance Intern

    Conducted a comprehensive review of water treatment standards, technologies, and service level developments, resulting in improved understanding and implementation of best practices.
    Conducted environmental evaluations of individual and national project reports for approval by the authority, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
    Provided Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultancy on projects to ensure compliance with environmental standards.
    Routinely checked equipment, monitored plant operating guidelines, conducted safety inspections, made calculations to determine optimal plant operations, adjusted chemical feed rates, collected samples, and performed laboratory tests to ensure efficient and safe operations.


Process optimisation
Project management
Quality control
Quality Assurance