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  • 2022 - Present
    Associated Belts and Bearings Ltd (ABB Motors).

    Group Audit and Risk Manager

    Identifies, analyzes, and appraises possible risks and issues that could impact the realization of the intended strategy of ABB Motors and its subsidiaries
    Provides strategic planning, risk profiling, risk management support, research, and advice to senior management in line with motor spares industry standards
    Reviews, assesses, and reports significant risks and issues identified or reported by the business in line with the incident management process and assists the business in defining and agreeing remedial action
    Conducts special audit and forensic investigations for suspected fraud within all sections of the business
    Liaises with law enforcement agents (ZRP, Detectives, Police Intelligence, and other authorities) on issues of theft, fraud, shoplifting, etc. within business operations in line with the Criminal Codification Act (Zimbabwe)
    Manages and keeps sensitive access credentials and passwords for all security systems within the organization, including alarm codes, CCTV login codes, and biometric access codes, and centrally remote views all business units across the country on camera
    Represents ABB Motors and its subsidiaries in courts of law on all cases that pertain to theft by employees or any audit findings that may result in litigations
    Conducts regular stock and spot checks of motor spare parts in all business units, including retail outlets
    Maintains expertise on security trends through training, research, and development to mitigate potential security exposures and provide up-to-date and effective security to protect the company buildings, assets, equipment, stocks, and employees
    Performs process audits, retail audits, cash audits, and service department audits for the Group, documenting and reporting findings to the Group CEO and Audit Committee Keeps abreast of motors and motor spares industry-related risks to effectively manage emerging risks within ABB Motors Group.

  • 2019 - 2022
    Innscor Africa Ltd (Associated Meat Packers Group Ltd Division

    Group Head - Internal Audit & Risk

    framework aligned with AMP’s strategic plans and outsourced activities.
    Developed and communicated risk management policies and processes and embedded them across AMP Group with key business stakeholders.
    Reviewed framework effectiveness, implemented best practices, and reported to Directors on monthly risk and ad hoc incidents.
    Defined Group’s risk appetite with General Manager and CEO and assessed capital adequacy requirements.
    Managed relationships with 3rd party outsourced providers, law enforcement agents, and handled significant risk incidents and loss control issues.
    Conducted forensic investigations for fraud across all divisions.
    Coordinated external audit assignments and developed SOPs to minimize risk levels. Represented the Group in courts of law for reported fraud, thefts, & criminal offenses. Led the roll-out of quarterly control self-assessment and annual policy compliance processes.
    Scoped and delivered ongoing self-assessment of risk management processes and procedures, implemented improvements, and reported significant risks and issues. Carried out business area control assessments, recommended remedial action, and implemented annual risk assurance program.

  • 2017 - 2019
    TV Sales & Home Ltd (Innscor Africa Ltd)

    Regional Audit and Compliance Manager

    Developed annual internal Compliance program, Audit plan, and audit schedule. Developed and periodically reviewed and updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure continuing currency and relevance in providing guidance to management and employees.
    Collaborated with other departments to direct compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for investigation and resolution.
    Identified potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk, developed and implemented corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues, and provided

  • 2013 - 2018
    Zimbabwe Bata Shoe Company

    Senior Internal Auditor

    Planned and scheduled internal audits, identified risks and controls within business processes.
    Conducted fieldwork, including identifying process loopholes, analyzing financial status, performing cost analysis, investigating internal fraud, and designing/implementing risk management processes.
    Performed manufacturing process audits, retail audits, cash audits, and service department audits.
    Prepared informative audit reports and monitored progress on findings and recommendations.
    Supervised audit clerks and increased productivity by developing automated accounting applications.
    Safeguarded corporate assets and interests by ensuring internal controls were in place and operating effectively.
    Reviewed financial statements and school pupil databases, performed headcounts and cash spot checks, and monitored internal controls.
    Maintained professional relationships with staff, and collected material for quarterly audits.
    Assisted external auditors with annual financial reporting audit.


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