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About me

An accomplished and experienced economist in the practice of program monitoring, evaluation, and learning for successful national projects and monitoring of the public finance management system. My skills include designing and implementing international aid programs as well as designing effective MEL systems for evidence-based decision making. With strong educational credentials in development economics and a talent for clear communication and problem solving, I’m dedicated to using data-driven strategies for positive social impact.



  • 2020 - Present
    Parliament of Zimbabwe

    Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

    programming, monitoring and evaluation functions that resulted in an average 90% success rate in project execution.
    Developed the institutional logic models and subsequent M&E plans that effectively monitored outputs, outcomes and impacts for projects and the Institutional Strategic Plan. This led to increased reporting and retention of support from the African Development Bank, the European Union and United Nations Development Programme.
    Effectively coordinated project portfolio implementation, procurement and budgeting processes and reduced non-confomities with Development partner regulations.
    Assisted the Chief Director Parliament Programmes in the effective monitoring and updating of Parliament’s resource mobilisation strategy as well as coordination of Civil Society Organisations financial and technical support.
    Pioneered the use of inforgraphics and visual presentation in Parliamentary process and produced innovative products such as the Speaker’s compendium of speeches, the Parliament magazine, the Zimbabwe’s Pan African Parliament presidency campaign guide.
    Co-authored Parliament’s the first four edition of the citizen’s budget with the Parliament Budget Office department and the document has improved the countries budget transparency ratings in Africa on public participation.
    Trained and presented to Members of Parliament and staff at various fora on M&E in the public finance management system and on budget scrutiny as well as national budget implementation analysis reports

  • 2017 - 2019
    Parliament of Zimbabwe

    Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

    Supported the M&E Specialist in enforcing guidelines for monitoring and evaluating various components of Programmes and Projects.
    I successfully introduced the use of online and mobile data collections tools such as ODK toolkit in performance tracking systems for all Parliamentary Programmes.
    Developed a MPs House and Debate participation tracker that has improved assessment of capacity building initiatives

  • 2014 - 2015
    Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund Pvt Ltd

    Microfinance projects Intern

    Performed analysis and provided preliminary investment data analytics of loan applications by Microfinance Institutions in line with Development Partner requirements (UKAID, GIZ and FAO). My work included conducting Preliminary reviews of loan applications submitted by Microfinance Institutions and assisted Microfinance project officers in conducting due diligence on applying Microfinance Institutions to assess credit worthiness.


project management
monitoring and evaluation
procurement management
infographic designing
financial management
data analysis and reporting