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  • 2022 - Present
    Shepco BMA Fasteners

    General Manager

    Manufacturers of industrial and mining fastener solutions for Zimbabwe and the region.
    • Quarterly reporting to the Board of Directors
    • Reports to the Group Managing Director in between board sittings.
    • Supervision of head of departments (Production, Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing, Warehouse)
    • Business development and corporate strategy
    o Assist GMD in achieving corporate goals,objectives,business philosphy&business plans
    o Overseeing all operations of the company
    o Designing strategy for profitable growth
    o Identifying and further exploring opportunities in the export industry
    o Ensuring growth and protection of company’s market share
    o Setting targets to subordinate staff departments and creation of a target enabling environment
    o Regular monitoring and reviewing of markets
    • Trade and public relations
    o ensuring a high level of customer service and communication in developed (zero tolerance to customer complaints)
    o positive image of the company
    o service excellence
    o competitive products and service
    • Financial Management
    o Ensuring budgets are produced and adhered to
    o Implementation of sound financial policies
    o controlling expenditure to be within agreed limit
    o Ensuring adequate financial reporting
    • ensuring timeous disclosure of all matters that have an effect to the organisation
    • Creation ,implementation and review of systems and procedures
    • Management of key parameters in the likes of budget perfomance,staff perfomance,market trends,market share and levels of risk.
    • Ensure control and proper utilisation of assets
    • Fair handling of grievances and disciplinary procedures for all personnel in accordance with codes of conduct
    • Carrying out periodic perfomance appraisals of staff and organisation
    • Achieving sales and production targets
    • Ensuring a safe working environment

  • 2022 - 2022
    Build Your Dreams Zimbabwe

    General Manager

    • Drives day to day operations of a Renewable Energy Solutions centered SBU for Tsapo Group of Companies.
    • Quarterly report presentation to the Board of Directors
    • Formulating SBU objectives
    • Review & monitoring business to ensure that objectives are achieved
    • Create a culture of delivery.
    • Create the measures of business success to ensure that strategic objectives are attained or exceeded.
    • Maintain contact with the industry & other establishments whose functions and operations directly interface on the work.
    • Identify & develop relations with key stakeholders to enable the required influencing platforms.
    • Develop strategies to manage the external environment in a way that benefits the business.
    • Anticipate and implement the required internal process changes driven by the external environment.
    • Develop and build a futuristic infrastructure that anticipates developments in the SBU and the needs of the client.
    • Ensure that the business is structured to deliver the agreed business strategies.
    • Manage performance of workshop and sales.
    • Set performance targets for subordinates.
    • Review budget progress quarterly.
    • Conduct monthly business unit reviews.
    • Ensure all units perform according to planned budgets
    • Champion policy formulation of the business
    • Negotiate contracts for strategic business opportunities
    • Ensure staff buy-in to the long-term vision of the organization
    • Ensure business profitability as per approved targets
    • Ensure full understanding of Finance Policies and ensure compliance within the SBU as a whole
    • Review and supervise weekly cashflow against projections (working capital management
    • Create working relationships with local financial institutions and the appropriate personnel.
    • Monitor subordinates’ performance to ensure total market coverage and accuracy of reports.
    • Carry out market surveys and market intelligence.
    • Design localized promotions to increase brand visibility, preference, growth, and sales dominance.

  • 2021 - 2022
    GridPro Energy

    Projects Manager

    • Overall responsibility for project cost management for a project team as well as ensuring proper allocation and utilisation of staff and internal resources.
    • Identification of potential risks, performance of qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and risk-based planning of mitigation strategies to minimise project risks.

    • Preparation of weekly, monthly, annual, interim and completion project reports as guided by PRINCE 2 and FIDIC.
    • Development of a business and engineering project management plan as well as supporting the identification of feasible projects for growth opportunities.
    • Defining and managing scope, creating a work breakdown structure (WBS), and requirements gathering as well as optimising and improving project management processes.
    • Leading project planning, definition and development of schedules of activities and resource estimation and control of activity durations.
    • Producing budget proposals for Capital revenue and expenditure as well as meet budgetary objectives through adjustments to project constraints.
    • Handling human resource issues at a higher level.
    • Liaising with engineering external suppliers, third parties and/or vendors.
    • Leading role in tender processes i.e. user requirement specifications, employer’s requirements, concept designs, design reviews, project implementation, commissioning, hand-over & take-over processes.
    • Controlling change processes (change management).
    • Identifying and reporting potential business opportunities for project and organization.
    • Oversight role in reviews of design submissions, vendor quality surveillance, factory acceptance tests, installation works and site acceptance tests for work packages using Employer’s Requirement documentation and project contract.
    • Ensuring compliance with and maintenance of ISO 45001, ISO14001 and ISO 9001 standards.
    • Leading role contract crafting and signing

  • 2018 - 2021
    Zimbabwe Power Company

    Project Team Manager

    Team leader for the construction of USD1,5 billion dollar EPC Projects-Hwange Coal Fired Thermal Power Station (600MW)

  • 2015 - 2021
    Zimbabwe Power Company

    Lead Projects Engineer

    A management post in leading the technical team on all Engineering matters of the project.Main responsibilities revolved arounf managing spares inventory and work quality plans.

  • 2014 - 2017
    Zimbabwe Power Company

    Projects Resource Engineer

    USD 4 billion dollar EPC Batoka Gorge Hydro Electric Scheme

  • 2013 - 2015
    Zimbabwe Power Company

    Senior Projects Engineer

    The management job involved projects engineering works for Construction Energy Projects.The role entailed sustaining constant communication with the suppliers and contractors’ agents to establish market acceptance of the project products and any technical support as may be required. Monitoring projected targets in relation to performance indices.

  • 2011 - 2013
    Zimbabwe Power Company

    Projects Engineer

    The job involved projects engineering works for the Energy Projects.Projects ranged from coal fired thermal plants,hydro-power plants and solar power plants.Incumbent handled prpjects from initiation through implementation/execution and commissioning.

  • 2008 - 2009
    Transload Biodiesel and Renewable Energy Company of Zimbabwe

    Plant Engineer

    Bio-diesel plant construction and operation project.

  • 2007 - 2008
    Transload Biodiesel and Renewable Energy Company of Zimbabwe

    Junior Engineer

    Biodiesel plant construction

  • 2004 - 2005
    Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd.

    Engineering Intern

    Engineering internship


Strategic Management
Contract negotiation
Financial Management
Project Management