Dudula Movement leader Nhlanhla Lux breathes fire as police take bribes from illegal foreigners

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While Operation Dudula members met over the weekend to report on their efforts to date, social media users compared leader Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini to EFF leader Julius Malema.

Both men made news headlines with their stances regarding undocumented foreign nationals.

Operation Dudula held a community meeting at Dobsonville, Soweto, at the weekend to provide an update on the progress made in its operations against undocumented immigrants who came to look for employment in South Africa.

Dlamini told eNCA that while the organisation had made strides in ridding communities of illegal immigrants who were allegedly committing crimes, these efforts were thwarted by corrupt police officials who accepted bribes instead of instituting arrests.

“When we had operation o kae molao, people were taken to Lindela [Repatriation Centre]. When they get to Lindela people disappear because they are drowning in corruption.

“We were discussing how we can help police and government so we make sure loose ends are tightened. Sometimes it is not government but that odd police officer who can’t think beyond his hand,” said Dlamini.

Operation Dudula, which started its operations in Soweto last year, has been met with mixed reaction to its operations.

Some Twitter users commended Dlamini, who they said unlike Malema is dedicated to defending South Africans who lost jobs or business opportunities to undocumented foreign nationals.

Others came to Malema’s defence, saying as the leader of one of SA’s biggest political parties, he should not be compared with a leader of a community-based organisation.

Malema has not shied away from speaking publicly about the EFF’s stance on foreign nationals and its support for open borders.

Delivering his Human Rights Day speech on Monday, Malema took shots at Operation Dudula, saying it was blaming the wrong people for “ANC problems”.

“They are targeting the easy targets in their own brothers and sisters. Why doesn’t Operation Dudula target land? Why not go to farms and attend to farmers targeting the lives of farmworkers?

“Be like us in the EFF and confront the white man directly and do not be scared. Protect your African brothers and sisters. Black people are one,” said Malema.

Here is what many on social media had to say about Malema and Dlamini’s responses to undocumented foreign nationals:

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